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Our Alpacas, Chickens & Llama!

The "guys" out on a hot July day in 2013.

Luca, our suri llama & livestock guardian.

The alpacas: Simon, Clay and Reuben on a beautiful fall day.

 These are our 3 Alpacas: Reuben, Clay & Simon. Alpacas are wonderful animals that make a peaceful humming sound and they help "mow" some of the pasture grass for us. These guys live on 4 acres and are kept separate from the Afghans. 

Clay striking a pose

 Clay is the old soul of the bunch; he doesn't like to be bothered & would prefer to spend his time laying in the pasture soaking up the sun rather than playing with the others. He is the "Grandpa" of the bunch and always watches out for the other boys. He has the most dense, beautiful fiber.


Reuben is Mr. Personality! He is the curious, outgoing one & always keeps an eye on those crazy Afghans. He is the first to notice when someone new is around and doesn't hesitate to go and check them out. He is the cause of much barking at our house :)    

Baby Simon

Simon is the youngest guy of the group. He is spunky and he gets along great with Reuben & Clay. He is the source of much comic relief as he runs laps around the pasture & frequently gets mesmerized by the chickens!

A few of our feathered gang....

Red Cochin Rooster "Friar Tuck"

Blue Silkie Hen "Priscilla"

Bantam Blue Frizzle Cochin Hen "Sophia"

Bantam Mottled Cochin Hen "Blizzard"

Light Brahma Hen "Blueberry"

Bantam Blue Cochin Rooster "Shorty"